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Billing Period Report - create a billed vs paid under billing period

Create a Billed vs Paid under Billing Period

In order to report the correct income for financials, a report that displays the total amount billed within the period is required

Require a report that will reflect a static billed amount after the billing period is closed so that monthly reconciling and auditing can be completed.


Enhancement Requirements

-requesting a report with identical options/ steps and with identical outputs as billed vs. paid BUT calculates billed and paid amounts for the specific billing period

-access from Reports within the Billing Period section

-restricted to same users that can run the billed vs. paid report


Expected Result - All bills created within the month (ie. from the last billing period closure to the next billing period closure) regardless of date of service will be included.


  • Manitoba eHealth
  • Jul 19 2017
  • New Idea
Priority Low
Group PanAm
Last Reviewed by Product Management 2017-11-28
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