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INC000002597252 / #00632452 - Archive Resolved History of Problems

Ability to archive/manage resolved History of Problems diagnoses. When marked as Recovered or Inactive, diagnosis remains under History of Problems.  This area of Medical Bands is becoming lengthy as a result.

EMR, Encounter Notes, History of Problems, pencil icon to edit.

Request to replicate functionality currently available under Medications tab, whereby the Change Status feature archives the drug to Recently Active, Historical or Cancelled Rx. Only Active Medications show under the Medical Bands and not all the various statuses.  Would like the Problems List to be similar and only display active problems in the Problems list of the Medical Bands.

Configure edit function for History of Problems to allow Recovered or Inactive diagnoses to be placed in the Medical History Tab under the applicable category (Recovered, Inactive, etc) similar to the Medications Tab and removed from the Problems List in the Medical Bands.

Pinning diagnoses is not a solution.

It is also important to maintain any Diagnosis Linking that had occurred with the Diagnosis once the status is changed to Inactive or Recovered as these notes are still relevant to the diagnosis


  • Manitoba eHealth
  • Feb 16 2017
  • New Idea
Priority Low
Group CAG
Last Reviewed by Product Management 2018-10-03
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