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INC000002604630 / #00632431 - Inactivate Procedure Codes

We need the ability to inactivate Procedure Codes (TARIFF codes) within the EMR.

We would like the ability to inactivate a Procedure Code. The Code needs to remain in the system as there may be historical claims that are linked to that Procedure Code, however we do not want the users to be able to continue using the codes.

In some of the Medical Bands, we have the option to inactivate an item. The item turns red and users no longer see it in their search / drop-down list as an option.  We would like to see something similar to this for Procedure Codes

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  • Manitoba eHealth
  • Feb 16 2017
  • New Idea
Priority Low
Group Community
Last Reviewed by Product Management 2018-10-03
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