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INC000002625109 / #00630956 - Patient Status History Dates

Users would like to use the date columns found in the Patient Section > Status History tab to generate query alerts and being able to use the date fields to filter the data as desired. For example, how many clients became inactive in a particular program/service (status) between date 1 and date 2)

Currently users are only able to report on various programs/services listed under the Status History tab under the Status column. Users use the Date column to indicate when a client starts a program and then uses the Inactive column to indicate the date the client was discharged from the program.  Currently Query Alerts does not let you choose either of these date columns to filter a desired date range.  This is significant for clinic reporting purposes. 


The Date and Inactive fields should work similar to other date fields in the Query Alert where date choices are given as shown below:

[Please see attachment for more details and screenshots]

  • Manitoba eHealth
  • Feb 14 2017
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Priority Medium
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Last Reviewed by Product Management 2017-03-30
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