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INC000002624571 / #00630974 - Panel Management

When a provider leaves a site and moves on to another position that may or may not be within the EMR, there needs to be a way to ‘Mass Transfer’ all of the clients that have that provider listed at his / her Office Provider over to a different Office Provider

Currently we can attach an Office Provider to a client in the EMR and run reports on this information. However, when that Office Provider moves on, the sites have to manually move all of the clients that are attached to that Office Provider over to a different Office Provider.

Justification for Enhancement in relation to Advanced Access Requirements:

  • Patient Office Provider Assignment does not have a rule that allows us to do a Mass transfer of a panel from one Office Provider to another.
  • We believe that from a development and coding perspective the proposed ‘Expected Result’ of the enhancement would be a wiser solution than adding an additional rule to the Patient Office Provider Assignment Tool

This feature applies only to a Provider’s panel (or attachment in advanced access terms) and is separate from enrolment


[Please see attachment for further information and screenshots]

  • Manitoba eHealth
  • Feb 14 2017
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Last Reviewed by Product Management 2017-03-30
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    June 8, 2017 13:55

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