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INC000002597161 / #00617133 - Users would like the ability to cancel a patient that is scheduled into a Group Appointment from within the Group Appointment. They would like this information to be visible within F4 for statistical purposes.

Users have been using the Group Appointments more actively within the EMR and have found it a very useful tool for tracking group appointments.

Currently you can mark a client as arrived, confirmed or no show, which has been very useful.

However, there is currently no way to indicate that a client was a cancellation for a group appointment.

Users would like to be able to track clients who are scheduled for group appointments and then cancel as there is follow-up work and also potential safety concerns when a client cancels their scheduled appointment. Users expect that the group appointments should be treated the same way as a regular appointment.  If a client is scheduled to attend and decides not to, there may be a need to track the patient down and determine why they are not attending.  This has a large impact on some of our Home Care Programs such as PRIME which is a program designed for elderly, geriatric patients. 

Users would like an additional option to select ‘cancelled’ when they right click in the appointment and they would like this information to show up on the ‘no show-cancellation’ report so that they can follow-up accordingly.

  • Manitoba eHealth
  • Feb 7 2017
  • Planned
Priority Medium
Group Community
Last Reviewed by Product Management 2018-01-08